Current COVID-19 Procedures

By: Amy Davenport
April 14, 2020

During these challenging times we have put together ways to serve our patients as efficiently as possible.

1) To make a purchase call (207)667-0510, once you arrive in the parking lot. (Orders can only be placed during operating hours)

2) Your order will be put together during your call, so an accurate total and loyalty points can be applied to your purchase. 

3) Once your order is completed, the budtender will let you know when it's your turn to enter the foyer.

Please make sure you have your drivers license, mmj card, and money ready before entering, to decrease the wait time for others. 


Hours of Operation for the week of April 12th-April 18th

Monday-Friday: 9-5pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9-3pm


Hours of Operation for the week of April 19th-April 25th:

Monday: 9-7pm

Tuesday: 9-5pm

Wednesday: 9-5pm

Thursday: 9-5pm

Friday: 9-7pm

Saturday: 9-3pm

Sunday: 9-3pm

If you have any other questions please call us at 207-667-0510!!

Thank you and stay Healthy!!!